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This is me, Bryan Cronk

My name is Bryan, and I'm a ceramics artist working out of the Catskills; and I will always have a beard.

I'm a long-time knitter and photographer with a DIY ethic who found myself curious about ceramics. After I threw my first functional bowl, though, I fell in love with how pottery is more than a hobby but a complex, meditative, and practical skill.

I work off of the wheel as well as handbuild. When on the wheel, I tend to create the initial shape, and then I use a variety of methods to alter the form before firing. With handbuilding, I love the organic nature and movement of the clay, and like to let the clay do what it wants to do. When selecting glazes, I'm drawn to neutral earth tones, and look to emphasize the textures I create. I'm inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic of Japanese teabowls, and love how unpredictable glazes can be when used in combination.

My latest work combines the inherent warmth of wood with the hard yet practical nature of ceramics. My work has gotten great responses from my instructors, fellow artists, and friends, but I wanted to share my work with a larger community that appreciates hand-made objects. To see more of my work, visit me on Instagram or Etsy, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about my work.

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